HUNTED FOX custom furniture los angeles

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We started with pillows, and now were here...

Creators of Custom Furniture & Home Decor

We make custom furniture using leather and unique vintage or handwoven textiles. We focus on the soft landing and work with finish craftsmen and iron foundries across the city to create complete furniture pieces. Our online store gives you access to our one stop shop for the hardest to find, rare, ethnic, tribal or designer pillows, home décor accents and leather furniture from some of our favorite projects and vintage decor finds.

globally sourced, handmade in Los Angeles

H|F makes every item by hand in partnership with local family owned and operated companies

Maker | Designer | CEO

Moana, the creator of HUNTEDFOX first started sewing as a young girl.  A high school sewing teacher taught her technical basics and construction.  Always one to work off book- she adjusted patterns nd made her own- starting her first small business reconstructing thrift store clothing, making dresses and small backpacks she sold to school mates.  She had every intention to go into fashion. 

Life however, had other plans..

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