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How Leather Headboards Can Blend With Every Different Decor Style

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Why Do Leather Headboards Do It ALL?

When it comes to the final touches of your bedroom, you’ll probably find yourself staring at a wall and wondering what to do with it. Maybe you’re not ready for wallpaper yet, or maybe you really don’t like the idea of covering up that space. In this case, why not think of something different? For example, how about a headboard? 

Whether you’re totally obsessed with mid-century modern or prefer the lived-in modern lines of farmhouse decor, a versatile furniture piece that fits any type of style or mood is always in demand. Since your bedroom is a great place to express your personal style, designing your room with an overall theme in mind is always a good start to creating a space for ultimate rest and relaxation. Many times, your bedroom is the one place in your home where you can expect to experience personal solace. At the center of it all, your bed should also echo those same sentiments. Here’s how one furniture piece can remain a staple in your decor, even if your interior style changes, for years to come.

Explore The Versatility of Natural Materials


By choosing a natural material for a furniture piece, such as a wood or leather headboard, you are leaving open the option of changing the style in the bedroom at any point.  Natural materials have and always will stand the test of time and fashion.  But because natural materials are longer lasting, they also have better staying power in terms of their versatility of style. Since natural materials can fit in many different types of interior styles, we've found that leather is not only the BEST material to use, but it also last the longest. 


Some companies will use a very thin layer of leather and glue it to another fabric and they can still call it "leather" for upholstery.  That kind of leather will peel and eventually need to be replaced.  When you use a genuine real leather, it will soften and age over time beautifully (think super cool leather motorcycle jacket!)  Real leather simply lasts the longest our of any material that has been man made without contest.  Ralph Lauren said it best "It's not just clothes. It's how you live and what your dreams are...”  We're with you Ralph, ALL the way!

Consider The Size Of Your Headboard


Before you can choose a headboard, you must first determine your bed size. This will help you find out which type of headboard you need – Full, Queen, King, etc. Whenever there is a bed in the picture, you must make sure to first measure the size of the bed to understand how much space you have to work with. This will allow you to find the perfect headboard size and avoid any last-minute headaches. You can easily measure the bed size by placing a tape measure on the floor beside the bed. You can use the bed frame as a guide and measure the distance between the bed slats. Keep in mind that the measurements that you get when measuring the bed on the floor will be slightly different than the ones you get when measuring the bed while standing beside it.


The first thing you should look for when choosing a headboard is the bed size. This will help you to determine which type of headboard you should go for – Full, Queen, King, etc. You can also choose according to the height, width, or style of the headboard. The bed size is the most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a headboard. If you want to keep the bed and headboard in the same style, you need to know the size of the bed so you can match the headboard. If you want to keep the headboard and the bed completely different, know the size of the bed so you can choose a headboard that will add a unique touch to the room.

Bed Size and Headboard Size

It’s also worth considering how the height and width of your headboard, in relation to your bed, could influence the look of the design. While a shorter headboard can provide a more minimalist modern look, a larger headboard can be right at home in a farmhouse or bohemian style room.

headboard size chart
bed size chart for headboard

Many times, your bedroom is the one place in your home where you can expect to experience personal solace. At the center of it all, your bed should also echo those same sentiments.

leather headboard sizing head board

Allow Your Furniture Piece To Accentuate Your Room

A headboard piece made from natural materials, such as dark tanned leather, can help to accentuate your favorite wall space in your bedroom.  You can also try different colors, styles and textures of leather if you want a few more options rather than the "classic" leather hanging headboard style.  

Whether you have an accent wall, a gallery display, or a wall with exposed brick, you can bring attention to your headboard by hanging it on the wall.  It makes one great statement in your bedroom.   If your personal style borders on total minimalist or boho maximalist (or anywhere in between), a great chic leather headboard is just the right anchor to create your ideal place. Let the solace begin! 

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